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About The Artist

Hello! I'm Kellymarie Palfrey, the Illustrator behind The Museum of Equality! The idea for The Museum of Equality developed in my final year studying Illustration at University of Portsmouth. My work focuses mainly around the inequalities within modern society and is satirical and often shocking.

As an Illustrator, I work largely in 3D and have a passion for combining my love of text with 3D objects in order to convey a message. I also create digital prints and use pastiche as a way of highlighting issues within society. I am hugely passionate about my work and the message behind it.

For any more information about current projects, or for commissions and collaborations please feel free to contact me using the button below or via the information on the contact page!

Thank you.

About The Museum

The Museum of Equality is a collection of satirical work based around the idea of inequality in the Modern Age. The collection of work is varied and covers a range of issues within society that affect women of all ages.